Stay Safe in the Cloud: Protecting Your Small Business

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Business security should be the paramount concern of all small business owners, no matter what market they are a part of.

Smart owners know that cloud security management is one of a few great small business security solutions.

Unfortunately, some people have chosen to wait until they have become a victim in order to beef up their defenses.

Perhaps it’s because they feel like technology is advancing too quickly and they can’t possibly keep up. Maybe they don’t have the money to invest in changes. Or maybe they simply don’t know about all the options available to them this day and age. 

Whatever the reason, today is the day to take your small business’ safety seriously. Keep reading to find out about the leading causes of breaches and what systems you can use to avoid them.

Threat Report on Business Security

Having a small business can be very rewarding, but it is also a very stressful thing to manage at times. It may be your only source of income, so failure is not an option. 

You go through so many processes to keep your business safe. You lock the door every night, set an alarm, put sensors on your products, and look into your employee’s backgrounds. You will do anything you can to make sure you are taking every precaution.

So why would you make the biggest business security mistake possible, and leave yourself entirely vulnerable to cyber attack? 

Recent statistics suggest that small business attacks account for more than half of all cyber attacks.

This sobering statistic paints for you the reality of the prevalence of online crime on a personal level. It isn’t just the big box stores that are being targeted. An attack is not a threat that will go away if ignored, but rather, a flaw, that will be exploited by whatever means necessary.

You need to imagine your cyber faults as real, physical gaps, and plug those holes before you lose everything.

Leading Causes of Breaches

You hear about it all the time in the media. Large companies being attacked by vigilante hackers.

But no matter how many times headlines are made by security leaks and DDoS (denial of service) attacks, some people are still unprepared when it happens to them.

They install firewalls, update their antivirus software, and scan attachments for malware. But often that still won’t be enough. Criminals are getting more creative every day and it is up to you to keep up with their innovations. 

One of the leading causes of cyber security breaches is human error. You can implement all the new tactics and procedures, but an essential component of your system will be your employees. They need extensive training programs in place in order to know what to do immediately in the event of an attack. 

They are the guards of the gate so to speak. You need to make sure that they not only know you have small business security solutions in place but also how to use your cloud security management software in the event of an attack. 

Another major reason breaches occur is of course phishing and malware. This kind of software is everywhere on the internet and can seem nearly impossible to avoid at times.

Being diligent in your downloading practices is the only way to curb this ever present threat. You can read source files to be sure that what you think you are downloading, really is the file coming through.

Finally, theft accounts for the remainder of breaches reported in the past year.

Whether something is physically taken from your office, or an employee steals intellectual property, theft can be the final nail in your business’s coffin if you aren’t careful. 

It is not enough to have cameras in your business to catch your workers if they take something. You need to protect your virtual property at the same time.

Introducing Access Managment Systems

If you are managing multiple systems to fulfill the needs of your small business, then using a cloud security management system is a great way to streamline your processes.

Single sign on services can help to eliminate your employee’s need to remember multiple passwords in order to use your systems.

These centralized access points can give your workers the control they need to use a variety of applications hosted on your organization’s servers. They can also be adapted to allow access to outside information that has been purchased by your company.

It is a simple and secure way to get access to the information that you would traditionally only have while in the office. 

Best Cloud Security Management

With a cloud-based system, you will have a lot more capabilities. There are an incredible number of things that can be controlled by the cloud today.

Primarily, it can allow you to create a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This system allows you to grant your employee’s access to the information they require in a secure pipeline from anywhere they might be working.

Rather than having your companies secure information stored temporarily on the remote worker’s hardware, you can use cloud security management. The information is stored online for ease of use.

Giving them access to their content while outside the office can be a helpful way to lower your overhead. This will make your employee’s happier in the long run.

Using a cloud security management system can give you the protection you need to give them the flexibility they have always craved. 

Other Small Business Security Solutions

Adapting your business security to reflect the current technology is the most important step you can take to protect your business this year. 

Many small businesses without security solutions will close their doors after a major cyber attack, so don’t count yourself among them.

If you would like your business to be evaluated for cyber holes contact Indigo Cyber, where you will be able to get a complete break down of your current business security. 

Their experts will help you to fix any gaps in your protection and ensure you have a thriving company for life with the proper small business security solutions.



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